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Vintner Series Individual Bottle Wine Rack - 10 Columns - 3' Height




Vintner Series Individual Wine Racks - Full Depth and Modular

Each wine bottle stored on this 3' Vintner Series 10 Column Individual Wine Bottle Rack is cradled on customized rails that are carefully manufactured with beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure wine labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. Purchase two or more racks to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage. These modular wine racks can be purchased as your collection grows and can fit the most difficult spaces. Moldings and platforms sold separately.

  • Modular Wine Rack Storage
  • Full Depth
  • Next Best Thing to Custom
  • Greatest Variety of Designs
  • Mix and Match Components
  • 3' and 4' Height Stackable Racks*
  • Ready to Assemble Kits
  • Available in Rustic Pine or Premium Redwood with Five Stain Options**
  • Lacquer Available**
  • Made in the USA
If you are looking for versatile wine racks that are the next best thing to custom, our Vintner Series is the answer. Offered in two wood species and five stains.** You can mix and match the components to suit your wine collection, your decor, and your space. Make the most of your space by stacking 3' and 4' racks all the way to the ceiling. The Vintner Series offers a custom, organized look at affordable prices. 

*If multiple Vintner Series racks are ordered, we automatically send stackable beam supports so you are able to stack them yourself. 

**The Vintner Series is available in Rustic Pine or Premium Redwood. If you prefer to further customize your wine storage, we also offer Prime Mahogany or Allheart Redwood and the option of lacquer for any of our wood selections. Please contact us for a quote. All of our Vintner Series Wine Racks offer five stain options.

Add Base Platforms to elevate your wine racks and Crown and Base Molding to customize them. Add Center Seam Trim to hide the center seam of two stacking racks.

Free Shipping Within the Continental USA

Lead time:

The multitude of orders we receive as well as the time you place your order greatly affects processing time. Please allow up to 10 business days for your order to ship, although most smaller orders will ship out sooner than that. This does not include mahogany racks, which are a 3-week lead time.


Height - 35 15/16"
Width - 45 11/16"
Depth - 13 1/2"
Bottle capacity - 100

Vintner Individuals 3' and 4' Assembly Instructions

Vintner Individuals Stacking Assembly Instructions

Vintner Individuals Securing Racks Side by Side Assembly Instructions



Bottle Typical Bottle Diameter Does it Fit in this Rack?
Split/Half 375ml 2-3/8"
Bordeaux 2-15/16" yes
Burgundy 3-1/4" yes
Small Champagne 3-3/8" yes
Pinot Noir up to 3-3/8" yes
Turley up to 3-9/16" yes
Large Champagne 3-3/4"  
Magnum Bordeaux 1.5L 3-15/16"  
Magnum Champagne 1.5L 4-3/8"  
Double Magnum 3L 5-1/8"  


*Please note that due to the size of these formats, when storing any combination of these 3 bottle types in this wine rack one on top of another that the bottles may touch. Please exercise caution upon removing these bottles from the racking by lifting the upper bottle to safely remove the lower one.





Utilize our platform specifically designed and engineered to elevate each wine rack kit. You must also purchase this special platform in order to use the 5 1/4" base molding package. This platform can support one wine rack, or two stacked. The platform is 3 13/16" high and will allow you to maximize the rack height in any room. Please note: If you order the platform stained, only the top will be stained, as the majority of customers will be attaching base molding to the front of the platform. If you would like the front or the side of the platform to be stained, you should order a half pint of stain from us to touch it up. Please call to order stain. Additional cost applies. 

Platforms are available for purchase here.

Spacer Bars:

Spacer bars are sent with a dado that snugly fits each column of your racking. You can assemble the rack with the nails provided, or you can utilize a handy brad nailer for faster assembly. A third option is to use screws if you prefer that method. You will need to pre-drill and countersink the holes to ensure you do not split the material.



Bottom Rail: 

All the racks in this Series have a 1 7/16" square cut bottom rail. These rails make it so your bottles are stored securely above the floor level so they would not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor. Added to this, the base molding supplied with this Series is 1 7/16" high and can be applied directly to the front of this rail.


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